Posted: 2012-07-12

The whole idea of the road trip itself was really inspired by the first segment of Teton Gravity Research's surf movie Shack Therapy; Brian Conely driving his huge truck through Baja's endless dirt roads to surf alone in perfect remote Mexican paradise. A short part of this journey put a special specimen under the spot light, Glen Horn. Surfer and Surfboard shaper 3 months per year in San Diego, he lives the other 9 months in "Big Red" his RV is a converted '67 delivery truck. He split this time in between 2 secret locations that he tries to preserve as pure as they were 30 years ago when he first traveled there.

Driving the 1000 miles that would lead us to the ferry to get to the mainland, we randomly stopped in one of the Seven sisters' gorgeous point breaks. After the painful (for the RV) dirt road drive, we stopped to surf our first real good "baja style" empty wave. While having a bit of a rest under the warm sun, we've met a women running, who quickly invite us for the diner... On the menu, fresh halibut caught by her husband, Glen Horn.


Almost better than Michael

Posted: 2012-05-23

In every trip flavourful meetings will happen. I've been specially gifted on this trip so far and for sure individual connections have a lot to do with it. I've found links in between people from Alaska and California through a contact of mine from Vancouver that I originally met while surfing in Maine on the East coast! Surfers usually know most other surfers within their small Geographical surf zone. Always traveling within a 50 miles from the coast gives you more opportunity to connect with other surfers than, as an example, in Montreal...

But there's still this wild, unconventional, road trip factor; those really rich and unexpected moments that no email or friends can connect for you. Baja has been pretty favourable to this magic. Shaper and surfer Glen Horn has been one of the greatest people I've met in this trip as you'll see in the next episode, "Mexico", but before we drop that here's a little video of a pretty wild character; fisherman, surfer, owner, Jimmy Jordan. He welcomed us on his property, giving us a parking for our RV with view on San Pedrito's right point. He showed us the richness of his cherished Pacific ocean from spear fishing to his backside wave sliding.

Here he is, in his daily routine trying to figure out witch way to cook the catch of the day,in this case a 35 pound Dorado ! Kung-fu Jimmy at Cabo Extreme, Pescadero.





Posted: 2012-04-22

In this episode the Seeking for a new port team track a course along the cost of california meeting up with different caricatures in and out of the surf community to learn more about their connection with the digital world.

California is a symbol of sunny day & freedom to the masses, it is also a "boiling" state regarding to environment and ecology. Actually, it's one of the richest and most diverse parts of the world; a unique mix of ocean, mountains, deserts and all the flora & fauna that comes with it. With almost 38 millions residents and endless growing industries, it's also a crucial pivot point of U.S.A.'s economy. It's the perfect confrontation between ecology and economy, between environment and technology. Is that equilibrium still possible... or profitable ? 





Posted: 2011-12-17

Beautiful British Columbia. Driving from the mountains all the way to the ocean; it’s just constant beauty all along the road to Tofino. But there was more beauty hidden out yet to be discovered, and I got to see it all when Gotsurf partners Adam Dewolf and Raph Bruwhiler showed me the way! I had the chance to get a feel of Tofino’s true potential, and see beyond what the common tourists have access to...Blessed, I am! Here’s what my eyes have seen throughout this part of our journey.


Bear spray

Posted: 2011-11-20


I once edited a hunting movie. Need I mention that the budget was an issue? Poor filming of hunters trying to kill their prey, which they didn’t even plan to eat. With that said, there was an awkward ending to one of the adventures caught on film, as they hunted a grizzly somewhere in the Yukon.  After tracking down and killing the beast, they realized the sun was setting and they had no time to carry “their trophy” back to the truck considering its weight. They decided to return on scene the following morning only to discover that another, much bigger grizzly, had moved the carcass half a mile away from where they had left it, and had eaten its heart.  That footage was the only contact I had ever had of a grizzly before I started this road trip.

In Alaska, we had the opportunity to camp on a deserted island for five days, where we planned to surf an outer reef.  A few days prior to our departure to the island, we heard that there had been two grizzly attacks in the town where we were staying. Taking into consideration the high concentration of grizzly in Alaska, we armed ourselves with some bear spray…just in case. We searched the internet and read up on ways to avoid grizzlies and how to protect ourselves if we ended up at their mercy.  The advice we compiled was to be very noisy, and in case of an attack to "straight-in-the-face-push-kick" the beast… yeah right! So armed with this new knowledge and our secret weapon, we were good to go.

After the boat left shore, leaving us on the deserted island, we now had to face a new reality. Picture this; two guys each carrying 70 pounds of gear plus their surfboards, walking on lava rock, singing aloud and yelling to scare away any grizzlies… I bet the grizzlies had quite a laugh! In search for a good place to set up camp, we realized that our secret weapon, our super bear spray, was still sealed in its packaging… practical isn’t it…?

During the entire five days, only one grizzly showed up. Lucky you say? I guess we did a good job setting up. A nice fire, tent, and food set up in a triangle. Let’s not forget sinking our food, and keeping a look out for wild life when cooking. I was lucky enough to catch our new friend on film. Even though the 700 pound grizzly noticed our presence, there was a mutual "respect" between us. Wild animals are indeed dangerous, but stupid humans are even worst.

The great thing is, once we got back on mainland, we got a refund for our still sealed up bear spray…



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