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The Crew

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Marc-André Laurin

Founder of the project and upcoming filmmaker, Marc has this desperate need to find balance in between wilderness and common urban life. After working in the music industry for seven years at both 300 and 72 dpi, he's now looking forward to blend together both of his passions; surf and video. This quest is a result of his disillusion when he finally realized at the age of seven that his father really wasn't Neil Armstrong as he had always believed him to be.


Frédéric Séguin
Tired of his daily routine as a manager and engineer on private jets, Fred jumped aboard the project without hesitation. This surf partner from day one, brought along with him his mechanical skills and reknowned loudness. No everyone, he's not Portuguese! He’s just one of thoses lucky ones who tan even in the shade, meanwhile Marc is constantly being mistaken for a lobster. 


GMC Élite 84
As old as its two passengers, this one of a kind motor house will hopefully drive us to our final destination and if we’re lucky enough, maybe even back home to Montreal. With its custom surf rack and condensed wetsuit smelling bathroom, it is mostly a time saver for you can shower, poop, and brush your teeth all at once while still on the road... A precious gem this RV of ours isn’t it?



Seeking for New Port Headlines

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