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This ain’t just your common surf trip, this quest is all about finding if there still exists a balance between our daily habits and wilderness. Are we losing all our roots to the profit of a virtual life? With kids multi-tasking as they text each and update their facebook status regularly, we wonder how far all this will go? Have we reached the end of real life experiences? Has all the knowledge passed on from generaion to generation faded away? Has the human being stopped feeling what it is like to be alive? Are plants and animals the only things left on earth who can appricate their natural surroundings? We'll try to find out to which degree it is affecting different areas of the world and whether or not it’s already too late... We'll travel down the west coast of America starting from Alaska all the way down to Central America. Throughout this quest we will meet a variety of watermen, artists, and surfers. We want to know if they have found that balance what we are deperately seeking, because for us back home the only thing keeping us going through our monotone work life is to pray for a hurricane to bring about some good week-end swell in Maine...




Seeking for New Port Headlines

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